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Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner

Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner

21 Daredevil Tricks to Impress Your Guests

Laurence King Publishing

By Kendra Wilson, Illustrated by David Hopkins, From an idea by Angus Hyland


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Bored of hearing about real estate prices and SAT scores? Do you constantly fall asleep halfway through dessert? Weep no more: Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner will provide all the excitement you need.

Spice up your dinners, impress your guests and one up your brother-in-law with these hilarious, and sometimes dangerous, after-dinner tricks and challenges. From sabering a bottle of champagne to hammering a needle through a coin, each of these tricks is guaranteed to wow your guests.

Twenty-one handsome cards illustrate each technique along with step-by-step instructions and explanations of the science behind the tricks. Turn your dining room into a showroom today!

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Pages: 21 pp;
Format: Games
Publication: August 2018
ISBN: 9781786272447
Kendra Wilson is the author of My Garden is a Car Park and Other Design Dilemmas, and co-author of the Book of the Dog and the Book of the Bird for Laurence King. She is a regular contributor to the mega-blog Gardenista and her printed work appears in periodicals including the Sunday Times and House & Garden.

Angus Hyland is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a partner at Pentagram Design London. His work for Laurence King includes (with Roanne Bell) Hand to Eye (2003), The Picture Book (2010), (with Steven Bateman) Symbol (2011), The Purple Book (2013) and The Book of the Dog (2015).

Dave Hopkins is an illustrator who specializes in all forms of line work. His styles range from modern to traditional, incorporating pen and ink, pastiches of steel and wood engravings, and various woodcuts. He has worked for clients such as P&O, Lloyds and Johnnie Walker and numerous publications from The Economist to Mojo.