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Wisdom of Nature

Wisdom of Nature

Inspiring Lessons From the Underdogs of the Natural World to Make Life More or Less Bearable


By Dixe Wills


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Dixe Wills likes to champion the underdog. In this new book, he celebrates 70 things from the world of nature that are maligned by humans and yet manage to beat the odds in some inspiring way. From bacteria and bluebottles, to puddles and wasps, there's so much we can learn from the natural world around us. Take the slug: ''Slugs, like us, yearn to be the object of a little human love and sympathy. Unlike slugs, you have a chance of this dream coming true. Also, beer will not kill you. Not immediately, anyway.''

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2019
ISBN: 9781787132221
Dixe Wills is an author, travel journalist and radio performer. He writes for the media in the UK and regularly features on BBC radio.