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The Italian Baker

The Italian Baker

100 International Baking Recipes with a Modern Twist

Quadrille Publishing

By Melissa Forti, Photographs by Danny Bernardini


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Melissa Forti is The Italian Baker. In her tea room in an idyllic medieval town near Tuscany, she bakes beautiful cakes that combine Italian traditions with her own modern twists. This book is a collection of tarts, cakes, loaves, biscuits, and coffee-time treats born out of Melissa's signature style of baking. Every recipe is a treat, taking in popular Italian ingredients like olive oil, mascarpone, almonds, and fresh fruit. Melissa gives perennial favorites like carrot cake, brownies, chocolate cake, and cheesecake a fresh, Italian makeover. Every cake and cookie tells a story, reflecting Melissa's travels, her passion for good food, and the love of her Italian heritage.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2016
ISBN: 9781849497619
Born in Rome and having lived in Los Angeles and London, Melissa Forti taught herself how to bake and started to collect baking books old and new, to learn about the art of baking through the ages, and throughout the world. After settling in the magical town of Sarzana, situated between Cinque Terre and Tuscany, she opened a boutique bakery and tearoom where both locals and visitors enjoy her incredible, freshly baked cakes every day.

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