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Blender Recipes Without a Smoothie in Sight

Hardie Grant Books

By Juliet Baptiste-Kelly


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Blenders, liquidizers, and juicers are the obvious choice when you need to make a smoothie, but they also hold untapped potential for delicious cakes, batters, dips, and soups. Few people realize it, but simple, nutritious bakes, desserts, and sauces can be made just as effortlessly as more traditional smoothies and juices.

 In Blitz, Juliet Baptiste-Kelly explains how to get more from your blender or liquidizer. Simply throw a few choice ingredients into the cup of the blender and give it a good blast to yield the fluffiest pancakes, tastiest pestos, and even a hard milkshake! Ideas range from downright decadent chocolate fondants to gluten-free, nutrient-packed spinach blinis. The recipes are concise, accessible, and easily adaptable with simple suggestions for variations according to personal taste. Make the most of your blender and blitz your way through this imaginative cookbook. 

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Pages: 144 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2018
ISBN: 9781784881368
Juliet Baptiste-Kelly is a pastry chef and home economist. She works with photographers, brands, editors, event organizers, and chefs to write recipes for their websites and style food and props on photoshoots.