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Cookie Shots

Cookie Shots

Over 30 Exciting Edible Shot Recipes

Hardie Grant Books

By Sabrina Fauda-Role


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Cookie Shots showcases a collection of edible bite-sized treats. The cookie cups are filled with a variation of exciting fillings to create eye-catching little mouthfuls.

Sabrina Fauda-Role demonstrates how to create a whole range of showstopping cookie based creations. Each cookie cup is filled with a delicious filling, from the likes of panna cotta to lemon curd to chocolate milk. Cookie shots include the classical combination of almond and vanilla, the stylish orange blossom and honey, and the exotic matcha. There is even a gluten-free version of the cookie cup to try.

Learn how to whip up delectable cookie mouthfuls, which are perfect for any occasion.

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Pages: 72 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2018
ISBN: 9781784881689
Sabrina Fauda-Rôle is an author and a food stylist. She is also the author of One-Pot Pasta and Jello Shots (to be published March 2018).