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Finding Fire

Finding Fire

Cooking at its Most Elemental

Hardie Grant Books

By Lennox Hastie


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Finding Fire introduces the curious cook to the possibilities of food when combined with the most basic of cooking techniques, fire. Author Lennox Hastie of acclaimed Sydney restaurant Firedoor, draws on his international experience to present over 90 recipes that equip readers with the confidence to connect with produce, learn instinct and allow them to take their own journey to master the art of simplicity in cookery over the most natural heat source and ingredient on the planet. Lennox explains the techniques behind creating a good quality fire, and the effect of using different types of wood to enhance the natural flavours of the ingredients. Recipes are divided by food type: seafood, vegetables, meat and sweet. Lennox Hastie's inspirational story is woven through the thread of history and demonstrates how fire is used through so many different cultures. Finding Fire provides you with the most fascinating background and insight into creating and cooking with Fire.

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Pages: 256 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: February 2018
ISBN: 9781743793008
Lennox Hastie is a UK-born, Europe-trained chef with an Australian father and Scottish mother. After working internationally for several years he opened acclaimed Sydney restaurant Firedoor in 2015. His background was essentially technique-focused classic French, before a trip to Spain that saw him land a job at Michelin starred restaurant Asador Extebarri where he worked for 5 years. Lennox's mission at Firedoor is to show that there is more to wood fire than pizza and barbecue, at least as so many of us know it. His unique approach saw Lennox awarded Best New Talent with Firedoor nominated for Best New Restaurant in the 2016 Australian Gourmet Traveller Awards. Firedoor currently holds a chef hat in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide and sits at number 17 on the Australian Gourmet Traveller Top 100 Restaurants.