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The Art of the Pantry

The Art of the Pantry

Cook Fantastic Food from Storecupboard Ingredients, Every Day

Quadrille Publishing

By Claire Thomson, Photographs by Mike Lusmore


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An organized, methodical, and economical pantry can be utterly life-changing. Knowing that you can always have a simple, delicious meal at your fingertips will revolutionize the way you cook and shop. Claire Thomson takes you through the essentials, from flours and grains, to pulses, pastas and spices, as well as dried fruits, nuts and seeds for instant dessert or breakfast solutions. By combining the larder staples with fresh produce, you can enhance your dinner or even make a supper from scratch.

With over 150 recipes including buckwheat crêpes, sour cherry and pistachio pilaf, firecracker noodles, red lentil hummus, spiced Moroccan almond pastries, date and semolina bars, and honey and nutmeg tea bread, The Art of the Pantry will be a vital cookbook in every kitchen.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2017
ISBN: 9781787130470
Claire Thomson is a chef and food writer. She is the food ambassador for the National Trust in 2017, and regularly writes about cooking for children in the Guardian. This is her second book. Visit her website: