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By Alice Le Henand, Illustrations by Thierry Bedouet


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For many young children (and sometimes their parents), bathtime is a chore. Kids can think of a million things they'd rather be doing than take a bath. The latest title in the Pull and Play Books™ series provides reassurance and support through gently humorous situations, showing children that bathtime is not only essential but oodles of fun! Children will identify with the feelings voiced by Little Crocodile and his friends— whether it's keeping their hair dry or not wanting to stop playing. Using pull tabs to control the changing pictures, young readers are empowered to apply their newly learned knowledge to their own experiences. Look, Mom and Dad, no more tears!

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Format: Board Book
Publication: August 2019
ISBN: 9782408012823
Camille Roy has illustrated several titles on the Editions Milan list. She lives in France.