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The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon – Paperback

The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon – Paperback

The Story of Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins

By Bea Schyffert


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Everyone knows the story of the first astronauts to step foot on the moon, but what about the astronaut who manned the spaceship orbiting the moon 14 times alone in space while the others walked? Awarded both a Boston Globe–Horn Book Honor and a Batchelder Award Honor, this lauded book describes what Michael Collins did, saw, and thought about during his journey as well as the larger story of how the astronauts prepared for their historic space flight, what they brought with them...and what they left behind. Reminiscent of a scrapbook and featuring drawings as well as photos taken both in space and on Earth, this is a book for anyone who has ever looked at the moon and wondered what it would be like to see it up close.

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Size: 6 1/2 x 8 1/4 in;
Pages: 80 pp;
Age Range: 9 - 12 years
Format: Paperback
Publication: April 2019
ISBN: 9781452180236
Bea Uusma Schyffert is exactly one inch too short to become an astronaut, so she studied illustration instead. She lives in Sweden.