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A Song

A Song

The Creative Company

By James Christopher Carroll, Illustrations by James Christopher Carroll


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Listen! Can you hear it? In a world full of noise and distraction, the songs that call to us can become muffled, easily ignored. But when we become attuned to the practice of listening, we might recognize something beautiful. Follow along to the song the world sings just for you in this lyrical picture book, written and illustrated by James Christopher Carroll.

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Size: 9 x 11 in;
Pages: 32 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2019
ISBN: 9781568463315
James Christopher Carroll is an author, illustrator, and graphic designer whose picture books include The Boy and the Moon and Papa's Backpack. Music fuels and shapes every picture James makes. For this book, James combined the media of paint, sculpture, photography, and collage. He lives with his family in a house filled with music in upstate New York.