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The Creative Company

By Randall Enos


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In rhyming or alliterative pairs, Jibber-Jabber presents the onomatopoeic sounds of 14 animals that will be easily identifiable to young learners. The name of each creature appears below its signature sound to further reinforce the connection and providing another way to read the text—as a series of commands (Squeak mouse, Squawk parrot, and so on). Whimsical linocut illustrations accompany the block-letter type, engaging visual as well as auditory senses throughout.

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Pages: 14 pp;
Format: Board Book
Publication: March 2018
ISBN: 9781568463155
Randall Enos has illustrated for books, magazines, and newspapers for more than 50 years. His preferred medium of linocuts lends itself to applications in children's books and political cartoons alike. He lives on a horse farm (neigh!) in Connecticut.