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Do Breathe

Do Breathe

Calm Your Mind. Find Focus. Get Stuff Done.

By Michael Townsend Williams


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For anyone who feels overwhelmed by the demands and anxieties of daily life, Do Breathe provides practices for fostering relaxation, awareness, and focus. This book features sections on breath work, mindfulness, energy, and courage, and is brimming with practical advice—including the three keys to breathing well and a how-to for decluttering the mind. With simple exercises and daily practices from yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, these inspiring pages will help readers cultivate a balanced mindset and build a foundation for a joyful, peaceful life.

More Details

Pages: 128 pp;

Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2018
ISBN: 9781452171692
Michael Townsend Williams is a yoga teacher, mindfulness teacher, and cofounder of Breathe Sync, an app that uses breath work to reduce stress and improve focus. He lives in the UK.

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