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Print Play

Print Play

Screen Printing Inspiration for your Life and Home

Hardie Grant Books

By Lara Davies; By Jess Wright


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In Print Play, screen printing designers and teachers Jess Wright and Lara Davies welcome you into their colorful, pattern-filled world with a series of how-to screen printing projects. The book covers all the basics of screen printing at home before delving into more complex techniques and projects, ranging from homewares to accessories and clothing. The 30 projects are accessible to novice screen printers, as well as keeping more experienced screen printers challenged, and include printed wallpaper, posters, beach towels, napery, tote bags and planter boxes. Extra chapters focus on creating color palettes, finding inspiration and designing your own unique patterns. Written with a sense of fun and offering easy-to-follow instructions, Jess and Lara invite you to create some screen printing magic of your own.

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Pages: 192 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: June 2018
ISBN: 9781743793404
Jess Wright and Lara Davies are textile designers from Melbourne, Australia, and the duo behind Home-Work, a design studio that run screen printing workshops and create their own signature, colorful screen textiles. Jess and Lara have worked together for over ten years and have built a reputation for being fun and inclusive teachers with an emphasis on encouraging their students to take risks and have fun with design They regularly travel all over Australia and internationally to teach workshops.