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Titania's Fortune Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards

36 Fortune Cards and How to Interpret Them


By Titania Hardie


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From understanding the cards and deciphering their meanings, to finding out what direction your life will take, let Titania guide you through the Lenormand technique of fortune telling.

Though faithful to the symbolism of the original cards, this set offers a contemporary twist on ancient spiritual teachings to reflect our modern lives. Thirty-six striking cards combined with a book on layout and interpretation mean taking a glimpse at your past, present, and future has never been so easy.

Whether you've a history of magic or are new to the world of divination, Titania's Fortune Cards pave the way for a fresh look at the spiritual world and your place within it.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2019
ISBN: 9781787132696
Titania Hardie is a third generation White Witch. Her family originates from Cornwall, England, and through her mother's guidance she nurtured her own psychic abilities. She is the successful author of a range of distinctive books on folklore, magic, and divination.