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Love Parisienne

Love Parisienne

The French Woman's Guide to Love and Passion

By Florence Besson, By Eva Amor, By Claire Steinlen, Illustrated by Sophie Griotto


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From the world's most romantic city comes this enchanting guide to passion and love. Three chic Parisian women share their secrets for every stage of romance, from fleeting flirtations to the beginning of a relationship to partnerships that last a lifetime. Featuring tips on what to wear on a first date, where to go for a spontaneous romantic getaway, how to keep things hot between the sheets, and so much more, these pages give readers the tools to handle every amorous situation with allure and grace. Full of fashionable illustrations and bite-size advice delivered in a delightful tone, Love Parisienne is the super-chic guide to living and loving like a fabulous French woman.

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Pages: 192 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: January 2018
ISBN: 9781452162782
Florence Besson is a journalist based in Paris.

Eva Amor is a lawyer in Paris.

Claire Steinlen is a journalist and author in Paris.