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Stockholm Pocket Precincts

Stockholm Pocket Precincts

A Pocket Guide to the City's Best Cultural Hangouts, Shops, Bars and Eateries

Hardie Grant Books

By Becky Ohlsen


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From the saffron-coloured buildings and cobblestone-covered streets, to the sleek modern bars and trendy restaurants, Stockholm is a city of history, style and impeccable design. Stockholm Pocket Precincts takes you beyond the city's glittering surface – it's your guide to all the best places to eat, drink, shop and explore, from underground cafes and basement dance clubs to tiny vintage boutiques tucked inside historic buildings. Also included is a selection of "field trips" to encourage you to explore outside the city, including nearby islands like Björkö (home to the viking city of Birka), as well as the popular university city of Uppsala. Along the way, you'll discover the city's character, its sense of humor, habits and principles. After all, fashion is fleeting, but fika (the daily coffee break) is forever.

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Pages: 224 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: May 2019
ISBN: 9781741176285
Oregon-based Becky Ohlsen first visited Stockholm as a toddler, on a trip to meet her maternal grandparents. Later, as a teen, she mastered enough of the language and geography to make an important daily pilgrimage to the local snack kiosk for chocolate. Becky will still go out of her way for Swedish chocolate, but several stretches of living in Stockholm apartments over the years have expanded her tastes and interests. These days, she never misses a chance to revisit her favorite paintings at the Moderna Museet, tuck into a bowl of fish stew in the basement of Hötorgshallen food court, stop for a fika (coffee break) in an old-fashioned cafe, play some pinball in an underground billiards hall, or walk along the city's many bridges and canals. Becky has researched and written about Stockholm for Lonely Planet since 2004; she wrote about family travel in Sweden for The Independent, and landscape as a character in Swedish literature for The Bear Deluxe. She also writes about hiking and camping in Oregon. When she's not travelling for work, Becky rides motorcycles with the Sang-Froid Riding Club in Portland.

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