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Look, It's Raining

Look, It's Raining

Princeton Architectural Press

By Mathieu Pierloot, Illustrations by Maria Dek


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It’s Sunday, and Camille, having finished her school work, is feeling a little bored. Her parents are busy with their own projects, so she puts on her raincoat and goes outside to play. Suddenly she hears the thunder roar, and shivers with excitement. She sticks out her tongue to catch raindrops. They taste like clouds. She notices a group of red ants zigzagging along a trail and asks “Where are you going?” The ants reply, “We’re going to a show.” Camille embarks on an adventure to discover what the show is about and the astounding beauty to be found by closely observing her surroundings.

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Size: 8 1/2 x 11 in;
Pages: 44 pp;
3 - 6 years
Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2019
ISBN: 9781616898281

Mathieu Pierloot is an elementary school teacher in Brussels, Belgium. This is his first picture book to be published in English.


Maria Dek lives in Bialowieza, Poland, right in the middle of the oldest forest in Europe. Her previous books include A Walk in the Woods, When I Am Big, and Good Morning, Neighbor.