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The Snuggle Is Real

The Snuggle Is Real

A Have a Little Pun Collection

By Frida Clements


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Shark! Who goes there? In this all-new collection of vibrantly illustrated wordplay from artist Frida Clements, lovely flora and fauna drawings meet funny hand-lettered sayings and offer fresh ways to have a little pun. With everything from cheep thrills to currant obsessions, this book is the perfect way to stay best fronds forever with pun-lovers looking to espresso themselves. Yeah, buoy! You go, grill! Each turn of the page is sure to bring out a giggle, or perhaps a groan, so get kraken and check it out.

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Pages: 80 pp;

Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2018
ISBN: 9781452171371
Frida Clements is a Seattle-based illustrator known for her beautiful screen-printed poster designs and the Have a Little Pun line of book and gift products.

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