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Am I Overthinking This?

Am I Overthinking This?

Over-answering life’s questions in 101 charts

By Michelle Rial


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Did I screw up? How do I achieve work-life balance? Am I eating too much cheese? Do I have too many plants? Through artful charts and funny, insightful questions, Michelle Rial delivers a playful take on the little dilemmas that loom large in the mind of every adult. Building on her popular Instagram account, Am I Overthinking This? brings whimsical charm to topics big and small, and offers solidarity for the stressed, answers for the confused, and a good laugh for all.

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Size: 7 x 7 in;
Pages: 136 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2019
ISBN: 9781452175867

Michelle Rial is a graphic designer who makes charts. Her work has been featured on USA Today, Fast Company, Vox, designboom, AV Club, and more. She lives in San Francisco.

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