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The Marvelous Museum: Orphans, Curiosities & Treasures

The Marvelous Museum: Orphans, Curiosities & Treasures

A Mark Dion Project

By The Oakland Museum of California


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What is the role of the museum in contemporary society? Using the Oakland Museum of California as a case study, artist Mark Dion examines how museum practices have shifted over time, what these changes mean for objects in museum collections, and what we can learn about our culture from what's included and what's abandoned. Enclosed in a clamshell case and featuring fourteen specimen cards, this deluxe volume brings the reader into Dion's process and reveals how the order of images can change one's perception of objects. Contributions from celebrated writers, including Lawrence Weschler and D. Graham Burnett, articulate Dion's unique power of examination.

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Size: 11-1/4 x 14 in;
Pages: 128 pp;
114 color photographs, clamshell case,14 image cards in 7 vellum pockets
Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2010
ISBN: 9780811874519
ISBN10: 0811874516
Mark Dion is an internationally known artist whose work examines history, collecting ideologies and the intersection of art and science.

Media Reviews

"I like Dion's work...but the clincher is the excitement of the volume's visual and physical form."
--Rick Posner, Observer