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  • The Elements of a Home


    Brimming with beautiful illustrations, amusing anecdotes, and absorbing trivia (you’ll never look at a pillow the same way again!), The Elements of a Home is a treasure trove of curiosities and a must-have for anyone who loves history, design, or décor.

    Learn More
  • Magic Mail

    Do you have the heart of an adventurer and the mind of a magician? If so, renowned magician Joshua Jay is looking for an apprentice—and it just might be you! Learn More
  • Philip Guston

    An authoritative and comprehensive retrospective of the work of the visionary, adventurous, and influential painter Philip Guston. Driven and consumed by art, Guston painted and drew compulsively and talked about it with an unrivalled passion and fluency.

    Preeminent art critic Learn More
  • Sing

    It's official: singing is good for you. Singing delivers a host of physical and emotional benefits including lower heart pressure, increased aerobic exercise, improved breathing, posture, mindset, confidence, and self-esteem. Whether you do it alone or in a choir, singing will put a s Learn More
  • The Japanese Table

    With its gorgeous photography and simple approach to Japanese cuisine, The Japanese Table is the modern Japanese cookbook for fans of Japanese food and culture. Learn More
  • Art and Fiesta in Mexico City

    In 2016 The New York Times listed Mexico City as the number one place to go in the world. With nearly 40 millions tourists visiting the country in 2017, tourism to Mexico is booming. And despite past safety concerns, the country’s capital has undergone something of a cultural renaissance and is now both an enchanting and world-class travel destination. Learn More
  • Wanderlust in Berlin

    According to the locals, Berlin is a city that never is but is always becoming. Indeed, with its heady elixir of history, culture and indulgence, the German capital is constantly reinventing itself, making it a curious destination for travelers over the centuries. Wanderlust in Berlin unlocks this enthralling city, taking you to the very best places in its patchwork of uniquely independent boroughs. Learn More
  • Girls Garage

    Girls Garage is the only book you'll ever need for a lifetime of tools and building. Not sure which screws to buy? Need to fix a running toilet? With Girls Garage, you'll have the expertise to tackle these problems with your own hands. Learn More
  • Between Heaven and Hell

    Acclaimed writer, bestselling author, and founder of Salon magazine, David Talbot turns inward in this intimate journey through the life-changing year following his stroke. Learn More
  • A Girl, a Raccoon, and the Midnight Moon

    This warm-hearted, visually magnificent tale of reading and believing from beloved author Karen Romano Young tells of a world where what you want to believe can come true. Learn More
  • The 7 Day Vegan Challenge

    Curious about veganism but already recoiling at visions of expensive wholefood stores, your grumbling stomach, and an insatiable craving for cheese? Then this is the book for you.  Learn More
  • How to Be Sober and Keep Your Friends

    Turning down a drink isn't easy. Not only do you have to deal with your own needs and desires for that chilled and glistening glass of white, you also have to tackle the: ''Why aren't you drinking?'' ''Are you pregnant?'' ''Go on... just one!'' And the worst one of all: ''You're no fun witho Learn More
  • Little Book of Us

    The ties that bind us don't have to be physical. Every time we meet someone, we forge a bond, a spiritual cord that ties us together. Us can be two, three, or more! The Little Book of Us is a collection of 150 inspiring quotes and practical exercises that capture the spirit o Learn More
  • I Will Always Love You

    This vibrant book illustrates the failures and fairytales of the musical couples that came together – personally and professionally – to give us hope about everlasting love. Learn More
  • Illustrators Annual 2019

    A highlight of the time-honored gathering of children's publishers in Bologna, Italy, the Illustrators Annual is juried every year from the finest art at the show. Learn More
  • Everyday Offerings of Love

    Open this unique book and find 75 offerings of love. Learn More
  • Daily Oracle

    There has never been a better time to embrace the unknown -  and the Daily Oracle is all you need to help you do it. With deep wisdom, cosmic insight and a wicked sense of humor, this magical advice-giver offers its readers refreshing insight and guidance on how to navigate all and any of life’s curveballs – from everyday decisions to sticky spots to real-deal challenges. Learn More
  • London Pocket Precincts

    London is one of the world’s grandest cities, rivalling Paris and Rome for iconic buildings and stately architecture, and New York for world-class creativity, ideas and culture. It’s a city where the Royal family is still idealised and romanticised to fairytale proportions; where countless movies and TV serials are filmed; and where celebrities—from movie stars and singers to authors and chefs—flock to live. It's a multicultural melting pot with residents from around the globe speaking more than 300 languages, but it also retains those very loveable English traditions where tea-drinking clichés and Hugh Grant stereotypes still bring a smile. London Pocket Precincts is your curated guide to the city’s best cultural, shopping, eating and drinking experiences. Slip this guide into your pocket and head off on an adventure, experiencing the hippest places in London and surrounds like a local. Learn More
  • Paris Pocket Precincts

    The world’s most visited city, Paris is a place of fable and fantasy, of elegant boulevards and masterpiece-packed museums, of history and high culture. It’s also a vibrant, fascinatingly real city, exploding with youthful energy and fresh ideas. Join Parisians as they go about their daily life, sharing an apéro at canal-side wine bars, discovering local artisan shops selling everything from perfume to porcelain, lingerie to luggage and dancing in hidden basement clubs to up-and-coming DJs. Paris Pocket Precincts is your curated guide to the city’s best cultural, shopping, eating and drinking experiences. As well as detailed reviews and maps for major attractions through to hidden gems, this guide includes a selection of 'field trips' encouraging you to venture further afield to Versailles, Champagne and Lyon. Learn More
  • San Francisco Pocket Precincts

    San Francisco is a city that needs little introduction. Author Sam Trezise points you in the right direction around the Golden City, paying equal homage to the iconic places and current trends that make this city so progressive. Discover the heart of the downtown area with its stalwart diners and dive bars, take a cable car across the city's undulating streets, or let the effects of Silicon Valley and tech giants like Google sink in while you shop in some of the best high-end designer shops and vintage stores to be found anywhere in the US. San Francisco Pocket Precincts is your curated guide to the city’s best cultural, shopping, eating and drinking experiences. This guide includes a selection of 'field trips' encouraging you to venture further afield to the outer Bay Areas, the Napa Valley wine region and Yosemite National Park. Learn More

Showing 1-20 of 7582 products

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