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To Each His Home

To Each His Home

Inspired Interiors as Unique as Their Owners
Princeton Architectural Press

By Bilyana Dimitrova

Most of us would agree that, for better or worse, our houses speak for us. They are like a second face we present to theworld. But when does a house become your home? It is the moment your house begins speaking to you—in an ongoing conversation propelled by the acquiring, arranging, and rearranging objects to express your personality in the spaces you inhabit. In To Each His Home: Inspired Interiors as Unique as Their Owners, photographer Bilyana Dimitrova takes readers on a tour of eight extraordinary homes that unabashedly express the personalities of their free-spirited owners. Dimitrova's carefully crafted color photographs, accompanied by brief interviews with each homeowner, create vivid portraits of these one-of-a-kind American spaces.

Highly varied in nature, the distinctive and captivating homes featured in this book have one remarkable thing incommon: none are the product of a professional interior designer. The homeowners in To Each His Home do not rely on professional training or draw inspiration from shelter magazines. Instead they allow their own likes and dislikesto guide their choices of furniture and fabrics, colors and configurations. They put the "I" back in interior design.

The homes included in this book are created by visual artists, a musician and a marionette maker, a painter, aninventor, a retired union steamfitter and former Golden Gloves welterweight champion, a visual merchandiser, and a retired stay-at-home mother of seven. Most evolved over long periods of time and continue to change as their ownersadd to and rearrange their spaces. Dimitrova captures these unconventional interiors in lavish large-format photographsaccompanied by the homeowners surprising insights about their individualistic design processes. To Each His Home is an unusually personal collection of interior designs from a diverse range of locales—New York City, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Maine—each demonstrating the magic within our reach when we surround ourselves only with the things that we love.

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Size: 9 x 9-1/2 in;
Pages: 176 pp;
112 color images
Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2008
ISBN: 9781568987965
ISBN10: 156898796X
Bilyana Dimitrova is an accomplished architectural photographer and the former photo editor of Metropolis magazine. She has published photographs in the Village Voice, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, and the New York Times.