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Turkish Fire

Turkish Fire

Street Food and Barbecue from the Wild Heart of Turkey

By Sevtap Y


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Be transported to the fiery, impassioned street food culture at the heart of Turkey's busy metropolis. With a focus on authentic street food and barbecue, Turkish Fire shows you how to recreate this moreish food in your own kitchen, bringing to life the verve and adoration for food that the people of Sevtap Yüce's homeland possess. With mouth-watering recipes for morning, noon and night, Sevtap takes readers through a day in the bustling markets and stalls and streets of this captivating country. Covering street food for every meal, along with salads, sides and sweets, Sevtap shows readers how to eat their way through the day, Turkish-style - from Biberli Yumurta (chili eggs), to Kiymali gozleme (bread stuffed with lamb), and Tavuklu pilaf (chicken pilaf) to Gullu kek (rose petal cake).

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: May 2016
ISBN: 9781742708768