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Under Shifting Glass - Paperback

Under Shifting Glass - Paperback


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Jess has a secret: a mysterious glass flask she finds in an heirloom desk’s hidden compartment. Its surface swirls with iridescent colors, like something’s inside, something almost like a song, something with a soul. No one else sees anything under the shifting glass, but Jess is convinced there must be some kind of magic in there. And when her twin brothers are born critically ill, Jess begins to believe that the force within the flask just might hold the key to saving her brothers—and her family. In this emotionally rich novel, award-winning author Nicky Singer crafts a world of possibility steeped in hope and the power of love.

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Size: 5 1/2 x 7 1/4 in;
Pages: 328 pp;
Text Level Gradient: Z Ages 12 and up
Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2014
ISBN: 9781452128559
Nicky Singer is the acclaimed author of six books for children including Feather Boy, which won the Blue Peter Award in the U.K. She lives with her family in Brighton, England.

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