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Vassar College

Vassar College

An Architectural Tour

Princeton Architectural Press

By Lisa Reilly and Karen Van Lengen,Photographs by Will Faller,Foreword by Frances Fergusson


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The newest titles in the Princeton Architectural Press Campus Guide series take readers on authoritative tours of two prestigious colleges, Vassar and Dartmouth. Beautifully photographed in full color, the guides present architectural walks of these American college campuses distinguished for landmark buildings-Vassar showcasing a developing expression of changes in women's education and Dartmouth revealing the provincial design roots and rural setting of the prominent Ivy League college.

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Size: 6.25 x 10 in;
Pages: 250 pp;
130 color photographs
Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2004
ISBN: 9781568983493
ISBN10: 1568983492
Lisa Reilly and Karen Van Lengen are both Vassar College graduates. Reilly is a professor of architectural history at the University of Virginia. Van Lengen is dean at the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia.