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Walk Tall

Walk Tall

100 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

By Anthony Gunn


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Learn to overcome fears and obstacles to live a happier life

' Each day do something small that scares you.'

A happy life doesn't mean having it easy all the time. Life throws challenges at all of us – sometimes big, sometimes small. Living a great life is about finding ways to leap over hurdles, surf rough seas, and feel confident in your own inner strength and wisdom. This collection of reflections and quotes will inspire you to tap into your inner courage to tackle the challenges of daily life, and also embrace compassion – both for yourself and for others.

Walk Tall shares 100 simple ways to live life to the fullest by choosing to think big, break free from limitations, face your fears, and celebrate your successes. It will inspire you to look at your life anew.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2016
ISBN: 9781743791554
ANTHONY GUNN is a psychologist who specializes in treating fears and phobias. He regularly speaks to sporting and social clubs, schools, and professional institutions about fear and how to deal with it. He has previously published four titles including Swing High and Get Happy!.