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What the Fact?!

What the Fact?!

A Daily Trivia Almanac of 365 Strange Days in History

By Gabe Henry


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Truly stranger than fiction, this daily illustrated collection of unusual trivia provides readers fascinating detail on some of the weirdest moments in history. Drawing from a range of subjects including politics, sports, the arts, pop culture, and more, each day of the year explores one What the . . . fact or event in entries that go beyond the factoid to uncover odd moments through the ages (like the day the first pig actually flew [November 4, 1909] or the United States ran out of toilet paper [December 19, 1973]). With dozens of illustrations and hundreds of pages of daily or dip-in-and-out entertainment, What the Fact?! gives trivia fans a way to learn something new and strange every day.

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Pages: 304 pp;

Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2018
ISBN: 9781452168531
Gabe Henry is a New York–based writer and former staff member of the New-York Historical Society. His writing interweaves history and humor to cover subjects including politics, sport, art, film, literature, and pop culture.