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What the Fact?!

What the Fact?!

A Daily Trivia Almanac of 365 Strange Days in History

By Gabe Henry


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Truly stranger than fiction, this daily illustrated collection of unusual trivia provides readers fascinating detail on some of the weirdest moments in history. Drawing from a range of subjects including politics, sports, the arts, pop culture, and more, each day of the year explores one What the . . . fact or event in entries that go beyond the factoid to uncover odd moments through the ages (like the day the first pig actually flew [November 4, 1909] or the United States ran out of toilet paper [December 19, 1973]). With dozens of illustrations and hundreds of pages of daily or dip-in-and-out entertainment, What the Fact?! gives trivia fans a way to learn something new and strange every day.

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Pages: 304 pp;

Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2018
ISBN: 9781452168531
Gabe Henry is a New York–based writer and former staff member of the New York Historical Society. His writing interweaves history and humor to cover subjects including politics, sport, art, film, literature, and pop culture.