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Why Did I Buy This Book?

Why Did I Buy This Book?

Over 500 Puzzlers, Teasers, and Challenges to Boost Your Brainpower

By Lynn Brunelle


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Packed with over 500 mind-enhancing exercises, this book is the ultimate tool for attaining and maintaining optimalbrain health. Including word games, visual and spatial challenges, logic puzzlers, and memory boosters, the activitiesin this illustrated collection will improve overall mental fitness and the abilities to concentrate, analyze, and problemsolve. Puzzles include Word Scramblers, Anagrams, Riddles, Whats Missing?, Trivia, and more. With multiple levels of difficulties and themes, this comprehensive activity book is challenging, entertaining, and a terrific way to keep those mental muscles moving and cerebral sparks flying.

More Details

Size: 7 x 8 in;
Pages: 376 pp;
one-color illustrations throughout
Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2009
ISBN: 9780811866866
ISBN10: 811866866
Lynn Brunelle is an Emmy award-winning writer and illustrator. She lives near Seattle, Washington.