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Why Shrink-wrap a Cucumber? The Complete Guide to Environmental Packaging

Why Shrink-wrap a Cucumber? The Complete Guide to Environmental Packaging

Laurence King Publishing

By Laurel Miller and Stephen Aldridge


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Designed for all those involved in the packaging
industry—packaging designers, manufacturers
and retailers—this book provides a comprehensive
illustrated guide to designing environmentally
friendly packaging.
Containing comprehensive directories of diff erent
packaging materials, including their environmental
credentials, and of diff erent packaging formats, this
book off ers those seeking to answer design briefs with
an environmental requirement a comprehensive guide
to the possibilities available to them.

• Everything the designer or marketeer needs to know
about creating eco-friendly packaging

• Includes case studies, opinions, and advice from
well-known industry figures

• Reveals how designers can care for the environment
and still produce work that is creative and engaging

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Size: 7 3 ⁄4 × 9 3 ⁄4 in in;
Pages: 248 pp, 300 color illustrations pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: September 2012
ISBN: 9781856697576
ISBN10: 1856697576
Laurel Miller and Stephen Aldridge are Directors of a.m. associates. They have worked with Minale Tattersfi eld and Partners, Conran Associates, Roberts Weaver, Priestman Associates, Newell and Sorrell, and Addison. Laurel runs masterclasses in Packaging Design and Environmental Packaging.