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You Know You're a Writer When . . .

You Know You're a Writer When . . .

By Adair Lara


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You know you're a writer when
. . . You'll never forgive your parents for your happy childhood.
. . . The doctor tells you that you have terminal cancer and you think, "I can use this."
. . . You accidentally sign a check with your pen name.
. . . You know more than ten synonyms for "blue."
. . . You write your Christmas letter as if it were
War and Peace.

Many readers will recognize themselves in this collection of observations about the eccentric, quirky, word-obsessedcondition that is being a writer.

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Size: 4 x 6 in;
Pages: 96 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2007
ISBN: 9780811860796
ISBN10: 811860795
Adair Lara, author of the charming and popular Normal Is Just a Setting on the Dryer and many other books, has been a reporter and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle for 16 years.