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A Sloth's Guide to Mindfulness

A Sloth's Guide to Mindfulness

By Ton Mak


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It's OK to slow down. Take a pause and focus on your breath. Let the other animals run around, you do you.

Follow a serene and smiley sloth through a series of light meditations and daily reflections with this unexpected and snuggable guide. From simple breathing exercises and guided visualizations to the benefits of chewing your leaves slowly and staying present while hanging from a tree, this little illustrated book of mindfulness will help readers discover the path to a peaceful, philoslothical life. With playful advice and delightfully charming illustrations, this no-sweat approach to enlightenment is a sweet reminder to take it slow and smile.

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Pages: 120 pp;

Format: Hardcover
Publication: July 2018
ISBN: 9781452169460
Ton Mak is an artist and meditation enthusiast based in Shanghai who has collaborated with Lamborghini, Adidas, Vans, Moleskine, Gucci, Swiss Air, and more.