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Icebox Cakes

Icebox Cakes

Recipes for the Coolest Cakes in Town

By Jean Sagendorph and Jessie Sheehan


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Icebox cakes feature crisp wafers and billowy whipped cream layered together and chilled overnight, where they transform into a heavenly cakelike texture. In this tempting cookbook, eager cooks can start with the Old School, a classic pairing of chocolate wafers and lush whipped cream, before moving on to fantastic combinations such as Luscious Lemon with its lemon curd filling and ladyfingers or the Black Forest's cherries and mounds of chocolate-kirsch whipped cream. Ideal when made a day or two in advance, these minimum-fuss cakes promise maximum friends-and-family cheer.

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Size: 7 x 8 in;
Pages: 128 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2015
ISBN: 9781452112213
Jean Sagendorph is a literary agent, author, and icebox cake expert. She lives in New York.

Jessie Sheehan is an avid baker, recipe developer, and blogger, with a sweet spot for whipped cream and pudding. She blogs about the trials and tribulations of developing recipes for all things sweet at

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