Ivy and Bean Kids

Disguise Yourself with Glasses
Every private investigator will need to use glasses as a disguise sometimes. Cut these out and put them on so you can hide in plain sight.

Make Your Own
Private Investigator's Notebook

Use this notebook to keep track of the clues that will help you solve your mystery.

Design-Your-Own Private Investigator Sign
Make your own private investigator sign,
just like Bean.

Ivy and Bean Fool-A-Grownup Ideas!
Great ideas for tricking your favorite grownup on April Fool's Day (or whenever you feel like having some fun!)

Toss a Worm at Nancy Game
Played like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" or with gummy worms!

Be Ivy or Bean in Your Own Play!
Have fun pretending with two of your friends!

Trivia Quiz
11 questions (plus a bonus!) about books 1-6 in the Ivy and Bean series. Answers are upside-down at the bottom of the sheet.

Have Fun like Ivy and Bean
More ways to have fun like Ivy and Bean with just a few easy and inexpensive supplies.

Double-Dare Cootie Catcher
The classic origami fortune teller reveals 8 not-too-daring dares like "Stick out your tongue and wiggle your behind and Nancy" and "Try to think of a nice thought about the crummiest person you know"


Print these fun cards and give them to your friends!

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