Ivy and Bean Forever
Event + Activity Kit

Here's everything you need to hold a great Ivy + Bean event! This kit features a customizable event poster, invitations, and name tags, as well as reproducible activity sheets, trivia quiz, crossword puzzle, and word find.

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Ivy + Bean Book 1 Common Core-Aligned Teacher Guide

Download a Common Core-Aligned Teacher Guide for Ivy + Bean, Book 1. This teacher guide contains fun activities that support plot sequencing, interpretation and analysis, and other skills for grades 1-3.

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Ivy + Bean Take the Case Activity Kit

Throw your own Ivy + Bean Party.

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Ivy + Bean Take the Case Teacher Guide

Write a detective story, crack a secret code and many other classroom activities are included in this Teachers Guide.

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Ivy and Bean Make The Rules
Teacher Guide

Make-your-own fun with Ivy and Bean with writing activities and more!

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Ivy and Bean Make the Rules
Event + Activity Kit

In Ivy and Bean Make the Rules, Bean and Ivy make their own camp that's way better than the Girl Power 4-Ever Camp Nancy is going to. Welcome to Camp Flaming Arrow, where counselors Ivy and Bean will give a whole new meaning to crafts, music, first aid, and hands-on learning! And with this kit, you can make-your-own fun and games, just like Ivy and Bean! Design-your-own t-shirts, camp theme songs, games, puzzles, and more!

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Ivy and Bean Fool-A-Grownup Day
Event Kit

April Fools' Day is the national holiday of choice for Ivy and Bean. Share some of their finest ideas with your kids. We promise that none of these tricks will make anyone cry or lead to fires or necessitate professional assistance. Unless you do them wrong.

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Ivy and Bean No News Is Good News
Teacher Guide

Bring the fun of Ivy and Bean into the classroom with classroom activities that develop critical thinking, math, writing skills and more!

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Ivy and Bean No News Is Good News
Event Kit

In No News is Good News, Ivy and Bean start their own newspaper to make money to buy their favorite cheese snack (well really what they want is the red wax the cheese is wrapped in) This guide has lots of fun ideas inspired by their escapade, like making newspaper hats, creating wax sculptures and investigative reporting!

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Create a Science Fair with Ivy and Bean!

In What's The Big Idea?, Ivy and Bean enter the science fair and try to solve global warming–hilariously! This guide is full of fun science activities, crafts and projects inspired by the 7th book in the series.

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Building a Writer's Workshop with Ivy and Bean: Using Ivy and Bean in the Classroom

Hello Elementary School Teachers! Reading Ivy and Bean with your students can provide hours of fun, creative learning. The books are wonderful prompts for inspired writing. By making text-to-self connections in writing, children can creatively interact with literature. We hope the following workshop ideas provide this opportunity!

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Ivy and Bean Teacher Guide

This teacher guide contains:

Classroom Ideas
Word Wall
Character traits graphic organizer
The Great Class Records Book
Book sharing project
Secret languages-written and spoken
Reproducible Activities

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Teacher-Created Worksheets

Design Your Own "Ivy Room"

Ivy + Bean Book Order Problems

Ivy + Bean Fraction Problems

Ivy + Bean Snacks

Nancy's Trip to the Mall

Ivy and Bean Activities

Great for rainy days and celebrations of finishing an Ivy & Bean book. Each is shown in color, but can be printed and used in black and white.

Toss a Worm at Nancy Game
Played like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" or with gummy worms!

Be Ivy or Bean in Your Own Play!
This 5-minute script has parts for 3 children and can be performed with no props or costumes

Trivia Quiz
11 questions (plus a bonus!) about books 1-6 in the Ivy and Bean series. Answers are upside-down at the bottom of the sheet.

Have Fun like Ivy and Bean
More ways to have fun like Ivy and Bean with just a few easy and inexpensive supplies.

Double-Dare Cootie Catcher
The classic origami fortune teller reveals 8 not-too-daring dares like "Stick out your tongue and wiggle your behind and Nancy" and "Try to think of a nice thought about the crummiest person you know"

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