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Aligning Your Planets

An Astrological Journal for Self-Reflection, Growth, and Balance
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Alice Sparkly Kat
Journal with the planets and heal your heart.  Astrology has long guided humanity and told stories about our futures, pasts, and potential in lif...
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Journal with the planets and heal your heart. 

Astrology has long guided humanity and told stories about our futures, pasts, and potential in life. Alice Sparkly Kat's years of client work in guiding people to feeling safe in their bodies, relationships, and world form the basis for this beautiful and accessible journal. Divided into different planetary alignments such as Mars return and Mercury Retrograde, thoughtful writing prompts and inspiring rituals will show you how to truly prioritize your healing and aspirations. This practical and inspiring volume will guide you through:

  • How to say no
  • Social anxiety and shyness
  • Accepting compliments and accountability
  • Finding physical and sexual safety
  • Standing up for yourself
  • Following your genius
  • Supporting your integrity
  • And more . . .

Take a step into yourself and let the stars and planets that have long guided humanity and told stories about our future, past, and potential in life help you prioritize your healing and aspirations with this gorgeously designed journal.

FOR FANS OF ASTROLOGY AND GUIDED JOURNALS: This is a must-have for fans of astrology who already depend on their horoscopes and the planets for guidance in their daily lives. The journal's trendy colors and layouts make it a showpiece that Gen-Zs and Millennials are sure to love and display in their homes.
SELF-GUIDED INNER HEALING: Affirmations, prompts, and planetary inspiration will enlighten anybody looking for guidance on healing in their own time by addressing a variety of concerns, including anxiety, feeling safe in your body and the world, shame, and more. The journal is divided into planetary alignments such as the Solar Return, Mercury Retrograde, and Jupiter Return so its guidance can be implemented throughout the year. You'll learn how to pursue inner healing, tune in to the planets and yourself, and finally live life to the fullest.
TRUSTED AUTHOR AND EXPERIENCED ASTROLOGER: Alice Sparkly Kat is an astrologer and author of Postcolonial Astrology with an enthusiastic following on Instagram and Twitter. They have built a reliable client list for personal consultations, group training, events, and workshops.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone interested in wellness or looking for guidance on reaching their aspirations
  • Devotees of daily horoscope, astrology, and zodiac compatibility in relationships
  • Those interested in self-care, stress reduction, setting intentions, and healing mental and emotional scars
  • Birthday, graduation, or holiday gift for spiritual seekers and astrology lovers
  • Fans of guided journals like Nicola Ries Taggart's Calm the Chaos, Sandy Sitron's The Moon Journal, Kristen Drozdowski's You Are the Magic You Seek, Leigh Patterson's Moon Lists, and Nina Kahn's Wander the Stars
Format: Journal: Specialty
Pages: 192
Size: 6 x 8 V
Age Range: Chronicle Prism
Publication Date: 07/04/2023
ISBN: 9781797222233

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