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"A fun and flashy look at a colorful facet of modern Chinatowns."
—Publishers Weekly

Chinatown Pretty features beautiful portraits and heartwarming stories of trend-setting seniors across six Chinatowns.  

Andria Lo and Valerie Luu have been interviewing and photographing Chinatown's most fashionable elders on their blog and Instagram, Chinatown Pretty, since 2014.

Chinatown Pretty is a signature style worn by pòh pohs (grandmas) and gùng gungs (grandpas) everywhere—but it's also a life philosophy, mixing resourcefulness, creativity, and a knack for finding joy even in difficult circumstances.

• Photos span Chinatowns in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Vancouver.
• The style is a mix of modern and vintage, high and low, handmade and store bought clothing.
• This is a celebration of Chinese American culture, active old-age, and creative style.

Chinatown Pretty shares nuggets of philosophical wisdom and personal stories about immigration and Chinese American culture.

This book is great for anyone looking for advice on how to live to a ripe old age with grace and good humor—and, of course, on how to stay stylish.

• This book will resonate with photography buffs, fashionistas, and Asian Americans of all ages.
• Chinatown Pretty has been featured by, San Francisco Chronicle, Design Sponge, Rookie, Refinery29, and others.
• With a textured cover and glossy bellyband, this beautiful volume makes a deluxe gift.
• Add it to the shelf with books like Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, and Fruits by Shoichi Aoki.
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
Size: 7 1/4 x 9 1/4 V
Age Range: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: 09/22/2020
ISBN: 9781452175805
Additional Info:


"A fun and flashy look at a colorful facet of modern Chinatowns."
Publishers Weekly

"If you’ve ever strolled through a Chinatown coveting a 90-year-old woman’s dazzlingly creative outfit, you’re not alone. The new photography collection Chinatown Pretty features glam portraits of—and stirring stories of resilience from--trend-setting seniors in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Vancouver. These stylish pòh pohs (grandmas) and gùng gungs (grandpas) will teach you how to stay strong during tough times—and pair leopard print with gingham."
O, the Oprah Magazine

"The outfits featured in Andria Lo and Valerie Luu's street style photographs are the epitome of contemporary urban fashion. But there's a twist: The subjects are all elderly residents of North America's Chinatowns.
Documenting a style they've dubbed "Chinatown Pretty" – which also serves as the title for their new book – photographer Lo and writer Luu have spent the last six years photographing and interviewing the communities' most stylish seniors, some of whom are well into their 90s." 

"This book is an utter delight. Bay Area locals Valerie and Andria photographed extremely stylish seniors across six different Chinatowns. The stories and outfits are lovely and inspiring."
—The Glitter Guide

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