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This dazzling visual compendium highlights the work of designers and 3D render artists around the globe who visualize utopian architectural, landscape, and interior designs set in dreamlike and futuristic environments.

This compilation book is curated by London-based designer Charlotte Taylor, whose Instagram account @maison_de_sable features many of her own designs and collaborations with render artists as well as those of her contemporaries. Featured designers and artists include the following listed per their influential Instagram accounts: @sixnfive, @paulmilinski, @teaaalexis, @joemortell and many more.

3D architectural renderings were originally conceived as a communication tool between designers and clients to help them visualize a proposed buildable design. This genre continues to be extremely useful for this purpose but has now also become an art form in its own right that can convey dreamlike imaginary settings.

This collection features many of the most prolific and skilled 3D artists that showcase a high-end, modern
, and futuristic aesthetic that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. In this virtual world, building and budget constraints do not impede the imagination of the creators. Design Dreams is an inspirational and aspirational volume for architects and designers as well as fans of high design in interiors, furniture, landscape, travel, and lifestyle.

UNIQUE VIEWPOINT: This book captures the growing genre of architectural visualizations from an international roster of
3D render artists around the world who create evocative and coveted dream homes and fantasy destinations. 

Perfect for: 

  • Digital design enthusiasts 
  • Design-savvy shoppers 
  • Decorators and interior design fans 
  • Architects 
  • Designers 
  • A distinctive special occasion, holiday, or birthday gift for someone interested in 3D render software, and design visualization. 
  • Instagram followers of @maison_de_sable and other influential accounts
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Size: 8 X 10 V
Age Range: Chronicle Chroma
Publication Date: 07/11/2023
ISBN: 9781797220161

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