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Little Witch's Oracle Deck

Symbols, Spells, and Rituals for the Young Witch
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Ariel Kusby ; Olga Baumert
Fantasy fans and witches-in-training can find magical insight and inspiration with this beautiful, whimsical oracle deck by the creator of Th...
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Fantasy fans and witches-in-training can find magical insight and inspiration with this beautiful, whimsical oracle deck by the creator of The Little Witch's Book of Spells.

From Harry Potter to Disney's 
Descendants to Kiki's Delivery Service, witchcraft and wizardry have enchanted kids around the world. Now, young witches-in-training can undertake their own spellbinding studies with this playful and immersive deck and guidebook to all things magical. The Little Witch's Oracle Deck is an accessible divination tool for kids who want to explore the enchantment and mystery of oracles and fortune-telling.

More accessible than traditional tarot, this oracle card deck is designed in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format that pulls on universal archetypes kids naturally understand, like the Dragon, the Best Friend, the Dream, and the Star. Each card is paired with a magical message and a ritual suggestion, which allows the user to connect deeply with the card’s meaning. A perfect companion to 
The Little Witch's Book of Spells, this deck is a tool that encourages little witches to look at situations through different perspectives, develop intuition, and listen to inner wisdom to make healthy decisions, all while adding a dash of magic to their lives.

FUN AND PRACTICAL MAGIC: This deck offers an interactive experience for kids to engage with magic in a positive way and shows them how to add a dash of mystical fun to their everyday lives. Each of the 48 cards holds a special message to help connect with the magical wisdom inside and all around you. The included guidebook offers advice on how to read each card and simple ritual ideas to deepen your practice.

EXPLORE ENCHANTMENT & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Imagination, mindfulness, confidence, and friendship are at the core of this oracle deck that uses magic to help young readers feel empowered and have fun. The cards encourage self-reflection and personal growth by prompting kids to think about their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. They also help them to navigate their emotions by offering guidance, alternative perspectives, and prompts that encourage thoughtful intention and communication with grown-ups and their peers.

ACCESSIBLE FOR KIDS: Oracle decks are great for kids because they’re not as structured as the tarot; new users can immediately dive in. The card symbols are a nice mix of classic magical references (the Magic Wand, the Cauldron) and things that are sure to be familiar (the Honeybee, the Apple, a Magical Fortress made of blankets!).

UNIQUE GIFT: This deluxe box includes a thumb notch, lifting ribbon, and shimmery foil. The gorgeous art and packaging make this deck an appealing gift for little witches in training, magic lovers, and parents looking for kid-friendly activities that inspire mindfulness and positivity.

Perfect for:

  • Young readers interested in magic
  • Parents looking for a fun way to get their kids engaged with nature and positive messages
  • Gift-givers who want to encourage imagination, creativity, and interactive play
  • Fans of TheLittle Witch's Book of Spells
  • Fans of magical or fantasy series that feature witches, including WitchlingsThe Okay WitchThe Witch Boy, and so many more!
Format: Deck
Pages: 45
Size: 3 3/4 x 5 1/2
Age Range: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: 09/03/2024
ISBN: 9781797225524

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