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Museum in a Book

An Ideal Exhibition?Explore, Play, Create
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Herve Tullet
From Hervé Tullet, the New York Times bestselling creator of Press Here, Museum in a Book invites young and old to unleash their creativity!At once an endlessly playful tabletop exhib...
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From Hervé Tullet, the New York Times bestselling creator of Press Here, Museum in a Book invites young and old to unleash their creativity!

At once an endlessly playful tabletop exhibition and a hands-on guide to enable one and all to create their very own art, this book is a physical kaleidoscope of the imagination. Using only his favorite tools—four bold colors, a brush, sheets of paper, and a pair of scissors—and applying a few straightforward principles and directions from his revolutionary art-making project, The Ideal Exhibition, Hervé provides simple instructions to create art that can be used to fill a huge space . . . or squeezed into a matchbox. But the best expression of Hervé’s prodigious creativity is this book itself: An interactive marvel that readers will arrange and rearrange in a dazzling display of shapes, colors, and patterns.

INTERACTIVE PLAY: Fold, unfold, arrange and rearrange, insert, pull up, and so much more to create a deeply satisfying activity that nurtures the imagination. This compact and compelling book brings Hervé’s art to every home.

BESTSELLING CREATOR: Hervé Tullet is the New York Times bestselling author of Press Here, Mix It Up, and over eighty books that have been translated into scores of languages. The creator of the groundbreaking do-it-yourself Ideal Exhibition, Hervé has introduced his technique and art in workshops, museums, and videos across six continents.
AMAZING PACKAGE: An intriguing die-cut cover and neon semi-concealed spiral binding tease readers to open this book—and ensure it can stand up sturdily. Unfolding into a magical 360˚ 3D experience, it expands to almost five feet wide. A priceless gift of play, imagination, and potential that is an art object on its own, Museum in a Book prompts and encourages all its readers to explore and express their very own artistic gifts.

A SENSORY EXPERIENCE FOR ALL AGES: Bold neon colors, bright patterns, and tons of tactile elements make this a visual treat for artists of all ages! Once arranged—and rearranged—it will sit comfortably on a bookshelf or stand confidently on display. It encourages readers to look, reflect, play . . . and create!

Perfect for:
  • Fans of Hervé Tullet’s Press Here
  • Art teachers, art lovers, and designers
  • Parents and grandparents looking for ideas to spark creativity and imagination
  • Anyone looking for interactive children’s art books
  • Gift-giving for baby shower, birthday, or holiday for kids and creative spirits of all ages
  • Fans of imaginative/inspirational books like Press Here, Mix It Up!, Let's Play!, The Dot, and Beautiful Oops!
Format: Novelty Book
Publication Date: 10/08/2024
ISBN: 9781797226415

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