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An inviting guide to reclaiming your time and discovering the wondrous pleasures of slow living.

What beautiful possibilities await us when we slow down?

For author and Slow Stories podcast host Rachel Schwartzmann, slowing down has changed her story in ways she could have never imagined. In this poignant and timely collection, she invites us to step away from the turmoil of daily life and awaken to the pleasures of living and creating with intention.

Her captivating essays reveal how slowing down positively affects our minds, relationships, and work, and contributions from a wide range of luminous voices in art, food, design, and beyond—including Sophia Roe, Leah Thomas, and Jezz Chung—explore the magic that emerges when we intentionally shift our relationship to time and productivity culture. Throughout, readers will also find simple-to-follow guided practices for creativity, journaling, and introspection to help them discover their true rhythm and moments of wonder.

Page after page, Slowing is a balm for the stresses of modern life and a rousing call to experience the beauty and joy of slow living.

SELF-CARE TECHNIQUES: Featuring 52 stories—one for every week of the year—Slowing cultivates awareness, calm, and joy. Readers can immerse themselves in various narratives and practices for well-being and find what best fits their lifestyle and needs. 

FRESH APPROACH: Combining evocative storytelling, guided prompts, and inspiring design, Slowing offers a distinctive lens on time and attention—and is an authentic resource for anyone in need of encouragement to connect and be present.

DIGITAL DETOX: Slowing offers an enriching alternative for readers exhausted by social media and invites them to experience the joys of slowing their scroll. 

WELLNESS GIFT: This beautifully designed hardcover book is infinitely giftable to friends, family, partners, co-workers, students, or anyone who needs a gentle pick-me-up. 

Perfect for:
  • People looking for resources on rest, creativity, and personal growth
  • Anyone interested in digital detoxing and stress relief
  • Thoughtful get-well, birthday, or friendship gift
  • Fans of Wintering, Enchantment, Saving Time, and How to Do Nothing
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Size: 6 X 8 V
Publication Date: 09/17/2024
ISBN: 9781797223759

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