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What About: Philosophy

What is money for? Why are there wars? Should we always be nice? Curious kids have lots of questions about the world they live in and the feelings they have. They will explore answers to these questions and many more in this exceptional illustrated Q&A book. Questions about how to think about freedom, jealousy, and going to school, among others, are answered in a fun, kid-friendly way and accompanied by quirky cartoon illustrations that will entertain readers and help them talk about big life questions. • 80 pages of real-life questions and answers for kids ages 7 and up • Fun illustrations that engage readers • Content reviewed by philosophy advisers and sensitivity reader What About: Philosophy is a Q&A book that offers easy-to-understand answers to challenging life questions! • Great family and classroom read-aloud book • Nonfiction books for kids • Educational books for elementary school students Fans of What About: Philosophy will also enjoy other books in the series, The Universe and Science.