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Work/Life Balance List Ledger

Work/Life Balance List Ledger

By Adam J. Kurtz


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This product has not yet been released. It will be available after April 21, 2020.

This notepad understands. It understands your hustle, your passions, your exhaustion. Based on Adam J. Kurtz's super-popular print, this list ledger helps you separate work and life in a balanced way.

From the author/artist:

Here's the deal: Being busy isn't a personality. Being tired isn't helping you 'kick ass boss babe!' None of the inspirational aphorisms in the world are going to replace things like sleep sunshine positive relationships washing your hair just to feel the water on your face and all those other real-life things.

"My wish for you is balance: plenty of things going on in your professional and personal life. Ups and downs learning experiences huge successes and 'anecdotal research' on your way. Use these pads as you plan build and grow. This shit is real and it helps." —Adam

• Funny honest and uplifting this twist on work-life productivity will appeal to anyone that has felt burnout or struggled to find balance.
• Great for followers of Adam J. Kurtz or any fans of sarcasm and dark humor
• A great gift (or self-purchase) for recent graduates or anyone new to the workplace

• 2 lined notepads (one for "Work Things" and one for "Life Things" 3 5/8 x 9 inches each
• Cover reads "Do What You Love and You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life Work Super Hard All the Time with No Separation or Any Boundaries and Also Take Everything Extremely Personally"
• Pencil (with eraser) with the words "Try not to lose it" printed on the side in the artist's signature handwriting

More Details

Size: 3 5/8 x 9 in;
Pages: 120 pp;
Format: Stationery
Publication: April 2020
ISBN: 9781452184210
Adam J. Kurtz is a Brooklyn-based artist and author whose work is rooted in honesty, humor, and a little darkness. His first book, 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion, has been translated into 15 languages. He's collaborated on products for retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Strand Bookstore, and Fishs Eddy. He has also worked with Pepsi, Adobe, and the New York Times. In 2016, he was named one of Print magazine's 15 Under 30" New Visual Artists."

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