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Birthday Box

Birthday Box

20 Birthday Cards

Princeton Architectural Press

By Sarah McNally


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Celebratory, fun, and tremendously useful, Birthday Box collects twenty birthday cards—all the cards you need for upcoming birthdays, in one spot, in a pretty package. Five talented artists contribute four images each: Emma James of Bailey Rivera Antiquaria, Danielle Kroll, Krystie Becker of Daydream Prints, Paula Cheng-Mehta of Paula & Waffle, and Jennifer Lee Gregoire of Yeppie Paper. This diverse set of cards is perfect for everyone in your life: child, parent, family, friend, or co-worker. The box is matchbook-style and slides open to reveal the card assortment. Artists are organized by envelope design and color: five artists, five envelope colors.

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Format: Notecards
Publication: March 2018
ISBN: 9781616896959
Sarah McNally owns and operates McNally Jackson Books and Goods for the Study in New York City.

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