Chronicle Craft Project: Jewelry Chandelier

Chatting with snowed-in friends and family on the East Coast, I’m reminded of times I would cozy up inside, hearing the faint sound of tires driving over slush, and would completely rearrange my room. Winter begged me to take a closer look at my space, since I spent much more time holed up at home than in warmer seasons.

In search of some good room-beautifying projects, I was excited to come across this charming jewelry chandelier from the crafty decorating book, Dorm Décor. While I’ve tried many ways to organize my jewelry – including nailing a bamboo placemat on the wall – this chandelier takes the cake as a great way to use your accessories as a pretty and convenient display.

Jewelry Chandelier
Excerpted from Dorm Décor by Theresa Gonzalez and Nicole Smith
Photographs by
Evan Sklar

For a place to put all that glitters, think outside the jewelry box (charming tunes, yes, but they can create a tangled mess) and visit your local hardware store. The honeycomb shape of this poultry wire alludes to something fanciful, yet utterly practical. To dress it up, a can of spray paint, ribbon, and colorful craft birds do the trick.

Gardening gloves
22″ x 12″ poultry wire (for a 7″–diameter column); 32″ x 12″ (for a 9″-diameter column)
Wire cutters (go low-end; poultry wire is pretty thin)
1 can of spray paint in white
Newspaper or plastic bags
1 yard 1/2”-wide grosgrain ribbon in raspberry
Two Velcro squares
10 craft birds with wire hooks

Skill Level: 101

Cut the wire.
1. You may need to purchase the poultry wire in a package (not custom cut to size). Wearing gloves, make sure to cut along the seam line so stray wires are not exposed.

2. Join the 22″ ends of poultry wire together to form a cylinder. Interlace the wire ends through the loops on the other end to secure it closed.

Paint the wire.
3. In a ventilated area (preferably outside) and over newspaper or plastic, spray the cylinder with paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply two coats for even coverage.

Embellish the chandelier.
4. Cut the ribbon in half and cut each Velcro square in half.

5. Loop one ribbon through the wire at one point at the top. Use half a Velcro square on the end of the ribbon to close the loop. Determine the length you want the chandelier to hang and snip any extra ribbon.  Directly across the top, loop the other end of the ribbon and use the other half of the Velcro square to close up the ribbon (this way you can hang it on a closet pole or remove the ribbon to set the chandelier on a dresser). Repeat for the other ribbon and Velcro square across the top.

6. Attach the craft birds with hooks on the chandelier as desired.

7. Hang the chandelier from a window hook, above your dresser, or in your closet. Hang your jewelry on it, any way you like.

Find this and many more crafty decorating projects in Dorm Décor by Theresa Gonzalez and Nicole Smith.

Lisa Tauber
Editorial Assistant



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