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From the Design Desk: Customizable Designs


The old custom of personalized stationery can be pretty charming. Seeing someone’s full name printed atop letter paper or on crisp cards, in a neat serif typeface, may feel somewhat formal, but it’s undeniably elegant and full of nostalgia. Rifle Paper Co. takes the charming factor to a whole other level. They offer four different motifs to accompany your name in print, and they also offer “whimsical portraits painted in your likeness.” The illustration style is minimal, bright, and over-the-top cute.

Featuring a portrait of yourself may not be fitting for most customizable products, but that’s not to say they can’t still reflect you. Customization usually allows you to pick color and variations within set styles; the starting canvas for example. You play the industrial designer with bicycles (Republic Bike), backpacks (Kanken), and shoes (Vans, Nike).

Getting to play designer is a fun way to express individuality and to add some warmth in our mass-designed visual world.

Suzanne LaGasa


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