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Art + Design: Remembering Jim Marshall and Johnny Cash

Renowned photographer Jim Marshall’s legendary pictures of the “man in black” have been complied into covetable collection in Pocket Cash—now releasing from Chronicle Books.

I thought I’d share some of John Carter Cash’s heartfelt thoughts about these two larger-than-life men from his introduction to the book.

My father was sometimes uncomfortable in front of a camera. Certainly there were other places he would rather be, but he always did his best to smile in the face of one. There were rarely times when he forgot that the camera was there; that was always up to the photographer…

As I look back through the pages of this book, I see the pages of my father and mother’s life, their family, and friends… and also I see mine. The memories come back in a rush. I remember the laughter, the struggle, the friendship, the uneasiness, the triumph, the purpose, the loss, the strength of family, the joy of creation, and the power of love. It is all there. I see the pride in my grandparents’ eyes as they watch their son on stage. Again, though my father is not in the picture, I see this as true as if he were. I see the heart’s bindings that entangled my mother and father so effortlessly but permanently. I see it in the last pages of this book, as real as if I were once again with them—I can almost hear their breath, feel their tender touch. This is real. This is life.

And as I look through these pages I offer a prayer of thanks. I am grateful that their lives were so purposeful, that it was of such worth and import that Jim could be there to capture it with his magic. This book is so much more to me than merely the images of my parents. It is an indissoluble glimpse back, beyond the reality and into a place that feels even greater and more meaningful than the memories.

So join me on this journey back to the life that was and—thanks to Jim Marshall—the life that remains.

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Patti Quill
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