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Happy (almost) October, folks! In case the big bags of individually-wrapped candies in drugstores haven’t tipped you off, we’re deep into fall, which means Halloween mania has begun. But if you’re like me, you’re probably not crafting a whole month in advance, and are looking for something fun to do right now – perhaps even with the kiddies. Look no further than October 12, AKA Columbus Day, for your latest excuse to craft.

In Every Day’s a Holiday, Heidi Kenney of the popular My Paper Crane blog gives you a reason to craft with your kids on the conventional holidays (ahem, Halloween) as well as not-so-classic days to be celebrated, like World Origami Days in October and November.

For some Columbus Day fun, try making these adorable and easy little ships.

Walnut-Shell Sailing Ship (makes 1 ship)
Excerpt from Every Day’s a Holiday by Heidi Kenney.
Photographs by France Ruffenach

You will need
2-in-square decorative
1 walnut shell half
Taper candle

1. Using scissors, cut two small slits in the paper, one at the top and one near the bottom, so it will easily slide onto the toothpick.

2. Cover your workspace with newspaper. Place the walnut shell, hollow side up, on the newspaper.

3. The supervising adult should light the candle with the matches and drip wax into the inside of the walnut shell. The wax should be deep enough to stand the toothpick in. Hold the toothpick in place until the wax hardens.

4. Slide the paper sail down onto the toothpick mast.

5. Bring your walnut ship outside and place it in a puddle. Blow the sail or wait for a breeze to move it along.

Find this and many more holiday-inspired projects in Every Day’s a Holiday by Heidi Kenney.

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