Make Your Halloween Spooky, Sexy—and Unforgettable!

When my daughter was 14, she asked if we could throw a Halloween Bash for all her high school friends, complete with every scary special effect we could pull together in two weeks.

Any normal parent would’ve said, “No way.”

But I, too, have a predisposition to monster theme parties—I couldn’t resist. We dragged out the dry ice machine and the blood-red food coloring.

For every ghoulish game and sickening display we crafted, guess which one was the most popular activity ALL NIGHT?

Story-time. Spooky story-time. We built a small bonfire in the backyard, and the kids pleaded with me to come out in the dark and fulfill my promise to read aloud from The Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft.

I told them Lovecraft’s horror classic would make their hair stand on end. With the benefit of my audience refusing to wear their warm jackets, I succeeded.

It was so popular with the kids that a week later I had a “grown-up” séance where we took turns reading The Tell-Tale Heart (Edgar Allan Poe). From there, other guests began reciting their own sinister yarns.

That’s when the sexy part started. Sinister humor and erotic twists just seem to fall into each other’s arms!

Sharing a story aloud with your innocent sweetheart—no other guests required—has become one of my favorite pastimes. If you haven’t tried it for All Hallows’ Eve, I can guarantee you it beats candy-corn.

Suspense and erotica are made for each other. That’s why I published an anthology with Chronicle of “dark, erotic, stories,” called Bitten. Fifteen short stories to quicken your pulse, at the very least!

Vampires, tortured souls, damaged vixens, devils who won’t quit—it’s a lovely evening no matter which one you choose.

Here’s an excerpt from “The Devil’s Invisible Scissors,” written by Sera Gamble, the show-runner for Supernaturale, one of television’s most beloved fantasy programs. It’s about a troubled beautiful demon who seduces and “cuts” men’s souls when they least expect it.

Devour for your own pleasure!


Bitten is available in paperback (with a gorgeous embossed snake), Kindle, and audio.

Susie Bright
Editor of Bitten, X: The Erotic Treasury, and I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions, a deck of lovers’ playing cards, all available from Chronicle Books. Her newest title is Love & Lust: A Sex Journal

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