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From the Design Desk: Polka Dots vs. Stripes


Is it strange to have a crush on a graphic pattern? Chances are if you are a visual person at one point or another you’ve had a thing for polka dots, stripes, plaids, or even herringbone. I recently found out that I’m not the only designer in the office crushing on polka dots. After a passionate discussion on the merits of this continuously happy pattern, we decided to start a Tumblr site: Cute Girls and Polka Dots.

Quite naturally, a furiously debated question emerged: who would win in a polka dots versus stripes cage match? So we started another Tumblr site: Stripe Attack.

Based on our highly biased study, polka dots are the winner. See how the patterns compare below:

But only a few hours after launching both sites, stripes were ahead in the tally with the most comments. The battle continues! Luckily for us the more these patterns duke it out, the more fun it gets.

Suzanne LaGasa

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