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Art + Design Meet the Artist: Jill Bliss

It’s been a pleasure working with Jill Bliss this spring on the release of her new journal Drawing Nature—an inspiring guidebook full of tricks and techniques to draw the natural world around you. Jill’s simple, sweet style makes you want to pick up a pen and start to doodle. But before you do, watch this great video of Jill sharing a few of her drawing tips.

Home Base: Portland, OR

How long have you been designing?
I’ve been drawing, designing and crafting professionally for 11 years.

How did you start to create your line?
The native flowers series began with drawings I did in San Francisco’s Presidio to try and teach myself the names of the native plants found there. And to enjoy being outside in the surroundings I grew up in, after being cooped up in New York City for 5 years.

What’s your favorite Chronicle Books project?
The current one is always my favorite! That being said, I love and use the Native Flowers Notecard Book the most. And it makes a great portfolio in a pinch.

Who are your favorite artists or inspirations?
To keep it simple, I’ll list Portland artists you may have heard of that I try to see fairly regularly: Betsy Walton, Yellena James, APAK, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Ashley G and Drew, Brittany Powell.

How do they influence or shape your work?
I’m attracted to and inspired by people that are such total nerds about what they do for a living that it permeates all of their consciousness. It affects everything they do, say, think and create. That’s what being alive should be about, right?

What is necessary for your creative process?
A calm visual and emotional atmosphere.

Keep up with all of Jill’s activities on her blog.

Purchase Drawing Nature: A Journal.

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  • Catherine May 27, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I just love the work of Jill Bliss so much – it's cool to see a photo of her too; almost akin to meeting a radio DJ or something.


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